Imagine Using this SIMPLE SYSTEM...



You can do an Episode in 50 minutes by using the AUDIO FILE & THE PDF. Here's how it flows

1. Play the Set-up (10-15 minutes)

2. Discuss the Card for 20 minutes at tables of 4

3.  Wrap-up in Ten minutes (Ask the tables to share what they heard)

4.  Pray at the tables of 4 for 5 minutes.

5.  Go home

Try it out for yourself via the 2 free samples.


Free Sample Audio File 1
Free Sample Audio File 2

Walk your men through the Truth/Lie Card via the PDF File. 



Most leaders print out the PDF and run them front and back. This yields a card the has the lie on the front and the truth on the back.  During the table discussion, we ask the men to mediate on the truth for a minute and circle or underline what jumps out to them, and then we discuss what each man saw. That's the secret sauce to CARDS ON THE TABLE.

Truth/Lie PDF #1

Truth/Lie PDF #2