"How To"

Facilitator Resources


 You have a choice of Episodes. You’ll then find for each:

  1. A 10-15 minute Audio Set-Up on your chosen topic.  Note:  As a potential leader of this reliable method, you might listen to the set-up and use it as a template to personalize it to your group. You may want to just play the Audio file on your Smart Phone, and then pass out the cards that you’ve printed and brought with you. Your choice, you best know the needs of your guys. Then, buckle up and watch the guys engage.

  2. A PDF file of the corresponding index Card, which contains the Truth, Lie, and Discussion Questions. You can print these out and cut them down for the number of men in your group.

Then, you are off to the races! Count on Men relating to the Set-up and the Card.  After all, most of the lies are stuff many of us still believe.

We've found limiting the discussion groups to 4 men/table works best. We’ve found this gives each man a chance to be heard. Typically, the table leader asks 3 important questions during the 20 minute table discussion.

  1. What did you think about what was said in the Set-up?

  2. How did you answer the questions on the card and why?

  3. Pick up your pen and meditate on the Scripture. Then, underline or circle what jumps out to you. Then, we’ll discuss what each of us saw.

 If your group has multiple tables of 4, you might want to spend a few minutes doing a Wrap- Up of what happened at each table...especially what was seen in the Scripture.

Then, the table leader(s) asks for one Personal prayer request from each man at the table. He prays for them, and then says goodbye.

All of this takes no more than 50 minutes. This is CARDS ON THE TABLE!


 Leading a Table works best by keeping these things in mind.

1.  Have Great intentionality in asking your men to pick up their pens, meditate on the Scripture, then circle or underline what jumps out to them. Force them lovingly to interact with Jesus in His Truth. Then guide them into interacting with one another sharing what they saw specifically in the scripture.  This why we do what we do.  The Cardinal sin at the table is to get so wrapped up in the lie and the questions and forget to go to the verses.  The REVELATION of truth that each man will experience will begin to literally change him at the table.  Think about that as what you are facilitating.  Isn't that amazing?

2. Showing up clean. This is harder than homework. It is imperative that we are men of the word and keep clean accounts before God and men. Simply ask God to show you any un-confessed sin that exists in your life or any offense that you might be holding against another brother or sister. Don’t let any thing stand between you and Him that might limit your leading of the table.

3.  Creating an environment where each guy can be HEARD. Picture yourself directing intellectual and spiritual traffic. Remember the real learning is going to take place at the table as men think out loud together and interact with the Truth, the only thing that transforms a man.

4.  Listening attentively. We learn about another man when we‘re listening to him. Listening with his best interest at heart wins a man’s trust and allows us to look for the soft spots in his life.

You can lead your men with no agenda, just let the time-tested system that God's revealed to us do it's thing.  Trust Jesus with this.  It is not up to you!