We can help you put your "Cards on the Table"

Get everything you need to create a small group environment for men to interact with TRUTH and with one another. NO books and NO homework! Easy to facilitate, and you get  unique topics as our library expands.

Audio Files

Each topic comes with a 10-15 minute audio "setup" that you can use for your group.

Printable Cards

A PDF file of the corresponding index card; which contains the Truth, the Lie, and discussion questions.  Simply print these out for the number of men in your group.

Facilitator Resources

Weather you're a seasoned group leader, or just want to speak truth with other guys, we have everything you need to create a successful group.

Imagine playing the Audio File for your group and then walking them through the Truth/Lie Card.  

SAMPLE Episode


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Check the reliable method we've discovered over many years of trial and error of "HOW TO" facilitate this gathering.


Cards On the Table is a Friday Morning Men's Forum powered by Jesus Spoken Here Ministries, a "1 on 1" Discipleship Ministry.  We exist to help men fall in love with the Person of Jesus Christ.